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Substance abuse and addiction are dangerous. They pose health risks, legal risks, financial risks, and relationship risks. However, knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to break free. With the help of a good substance abuse treatment facility, you can learn what you need to set your own goals and start reaching them. We have a non-judgmental and welcoming approach to our addiction recovery program that helps people focus on empowerment, empathy, and practicality. Here, we will explain what addiction recovery with us is like, and what will happen during your time here.


The very first order of business is detox. Detox is the process of removing any trace of an addictive substance from the body. The initial time period after you stop using can be difficult because of withdrawal symptoms. The severity ranges from uncomfortable to dangerous. Because of these withdrawal symptoms, when you first enter our drug rehab facility you will be under close supervision. As with everything else, we always ensure that this supervision is safe and secure, just like the rest of your time with us in our Beaverton, Oregon addiction treatment facility.


You will have an intake interview and follow-up interviews to evaluate your mental condition soon after you arrive. This might happen right away, or later, depending on your physical health and withdrawal status. The purpose of these interviews is to try to understand your mental health. Our clients generally have a diagnosis of alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder, but in many cases they receive a co-occurring diagnosis as well. This might be something like anxiety that contributes to the substance use, so treating it will help reduce cravings and stress. Addressing your mental health is the key to providing you with the power to reduce or eliminate your use.


Determining your diagnosis is an ongoing process, and it can change at any time. It takes place in a series of discussions with a therapist or counselor. These sessions are collaborative. Rather than having them sit and lecture you about your needs, it is a two-way conversation about your goals, your background, and strategies for accomplishing those goals. Conversations with your therapist at our drug detox clinic are confidential, so you can be completely honest. The more you tell them, the better they can help you. This trust can grow over time, so there is no pressure to try to establish it immediately.


In addition to individual sessions with a therapist, our addiction recovery center also uses group therapy sessions to provide a different form of support. In some ways, your peers can provide the best advice. If you are going through a rough patch, you have had tough times in the past, or you are concerned about a particular scenario in the future, then your peers can give you input on what they did and how they coped with the situation. This first-hand advice is easier to trust, and even if you don’t follow it, it is valuable to see how different people approach the same problem.


After some time in the addiction recovery facility, you will graduate and be ready to leave. We do not send you out empty handed. Before you leave, we establish a discharge plan so that you have somewhere to go, a support network, and connections to resources. Our objective is to ensure that you can maintain your progress and stay free of substance use. If you have the preparation and the follow-up from us after you leave, then you’ll experience less stress, which means you will be less tempted to use.