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Substance abuse is unfortunately becoming increasingly common. There is no end to information discussing the consequences of substance abuse, yet studies show that many individuals in the United States will engage in substance abuse on a regular basis..


Thankfully, every year people seek help from drug rehab centers. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Memphis, Tennessee prides itself on fostering a warm and welcoming community. Our goal is to help our clients as they go through the difficult process of getting their life back on track. Every effort has been made to create a welcoming and comfortable environment where our clients are encouraged to openly express their concerns and get the assistance they want and need.


Why Supervised Detox Is a Must


Every individual who walks through the door of our drug rehab facility seeking addiction recovery assistance will need to go through the detoxification process. This is a process where all traces of the addictive substance are removed from our client’s body. Our process is done under supervision.


The primary reason we pioneer supervised detox at our addiction recovery center is that the detoxification process produces side effects that can range from mild to very severe. Depending on the substance to which our client is addicted, side effects can include pain, vomiting, anxiety, and nausea. When a person tries to endure the detox process on their own, the withdrawal side effects can be so strong that it breaks their resolve to stay away from the drug. They go back to the addictive substance simply because they want the physical and emotional pain caused by withdrawal to go away.


The staff at our addiction recovery facility understand the challenges that come with detox. They are trained to provide caring and effective supervision as our clients go through this first step on the road to recovery.


Dual Diagnosis of Mental Health Treatment Is Key to Success


Some studies indicate that nearly half of individuals who are dealing with substance abuse addiction have some form of co-occurring mental illness. These can include anxiety, depression, and bipolar tendencies. Dual diagnosis can be a challenge to treat because it may be difficult to determine if an individual is suffering from a mental illness as a result of the addiction, or if their mental illness is what has contributed to their addiction. During the evaluation and treatment process, the goal is to find the root cause of the problems and treat them.


Our drug addiction treatment center is equipped to handle dual diagnosis clients. Our success rate speaks for itself, as we have been able to help our clients overcome the challenges a dual diagnosis presents and get back to living a normal life.


Life after Treatment


When our clients successfully finish their time at our addiction treatment facility, it is a cause for genuine joy. And while they have accomplished something great, we understand that there is still more ground for them to conquer. For this reason, we work with our clients by providing them with the tools they need to transition from rehab to reentering life. We feel that these after treatment programs serve as a bridge that can fortify and prepare our clients for what lies ahead.


Experience has shown that each individual who visits our facility is unique. As a result, the care that we provide must be individualized. Everything found at our drug detox clinic and everything offered in our addiction recovery program is tailored to meet the recovery needs of each one of our clients.


We are happy to be able to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to get well. The community within rehab is full of clients who are eager to share what they have learned with others, and together they create an extended support group that makes the rehabilitation process that much easier.