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Addiction is a dangerous problem that can swallow up your life, causing you to lose family, friends, financial security, and your health. However, addiction itself comes in many forms, and it takes the support of something like Tanner Recovery drug rehab centers to overcome it. Our addiction recovery program in Seattle, Washington has many favorable attributes that make it worth considering. If you are interested, read on to learn more about what we can do to help.


To start with, our first priority when you enter the substance abuse treatment facility in Seattle is to help you through supervised detox. The detoxification period for some drugs leads to side effects that can be very dangerous. This is especially common with alcohol and opiates, which are two of the most commonly abused categories of drugs. To maximize your safety, we make sure that you are supervised at all times in our Seattle addiction recovery center until the worst of it is over.


Once you have completed detox, the next stage is diagnosis. A mental health professional will work with you at our Seattle addiction recovery facility and evaluate your wellbeing. In many cases, people with addictions also have another related mental health concern that is preventing them from reaching their goals. This is called dual diagnosis because there is a diagnosis of a substance use disorder as well as a diagnosis of a mental health issue. Identifying any other factors that might be affecting your addiction is important for helping you create strategies for avoiding substance use. This is a collaborative conversation where you can voice your opinion about your diagnosis and talk about what it means. The end result is that this is just a way of helping you understand yourself and your addiction.


Our clients are a key source of support for each other. Peer support is an excellent way to build up resilience, strength, and positivity. Everyone experiences addiction in a different way, but that also means there are many perspectives on solving the same problem. This is what makes group therapy so valuable. A therapist facilities the discussion, but the clients conduct it together, talking about their struggles and experiences.


Honesty and transparency are crucial for successful therapy sessions, both individually and in a group setting. The sessions will be less beneficial if you hold things back or aren’t fully truthful because the therapist or facilitator will not have all the information they need to give you the best advice. It can be difficult to build up trust and feel comfortable talking to someone, so it’s okay if that takes some time. Keep in mind that the more honest you are, the more rewarding your time at our Seattle drug detox clinic will be, so it’s in your best interest.


After you leave the drug rehab facility in Seattle, you will have access to follow-up and aftercare. For example, if you need a job we can help connect you to job placement or job training agencies. We might refer you to an outpatient addiction treatment center for more support. We will talk to you about what your support network will be like and what coping strategies you can use to maintain progress towards your goals. Tanner Recovery wants to ensure that you have the best guidance and preparation for when you complete the program at the addiction treatment facility in Seattle, Washington.


Drug addiction can feel like an endless cycle of which you are trying to break free, but it doesn’t need to be that way. With addiction recovery support from Tanner Recovery, you can go through detox and learn all the tools and skills you need to take charge of your life.