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There are numerous reasons individuals turn to drugs and alcohol, but there is one thing many of these people have in common: they need help to end addiction. At our drug rehab centers spread throughout the country, our skilled and compassionate staff who are always ready to provide the assistance needed to overcome addiction. At our substance abuse treatment facility in Vancouver, Washington, clients are welcomed into an environment of compassion and understanding, where we recognize the importance of making every individual feel comfortable in order to help them achieve their goal of stomping out addiction.


We work with our clients as they undergo supervised detoxification under the watchful eye of our trained staff members, and we are there for them for their journey to discover individual responses to the unique triggers that make them want to use controlled substances. Individualized treatment plans and comprehensive care, even as we assist individuals in finding aftercare options, is what makes our addiction recovery program stand out among the rest.


Staff welcome clients to our drug detox clinic in Vancouver, Washington with a personal assessment of their health before proceeding with a supervised detox. Since unpleasant withdrawal symptoms often accompany detoxification, it is both safer and more comfortable for individuals to undergo the process with the supervision of trained professionals. While most individuals experience mild symptoms of withdrawal, ranging from nausea to insomnia, serious complications including a racing heartbeat and high blood pressure can occur. In these cases, it is in the client’s best interest to have someone on hand to call for help if needed. Undergoing detoxification at an addiction treatment facility has also been shown to be more successful in the long-term, likely due to the support that can be given by other clients as well as staff members.


Addiction recovery is, in many ways, an individual process, reliant on the effort made by the client. Therapists work with clients to facilitate recovery, and individual therapy sessions are designed for clients to discover what underlying issues have led them to addiction. For many, a dual diagnosis of any type of mental or behavioral issue in conjunction with addiction can be assigned. Mental illness and behavioral disorders are often underlying causes for self-medication, which can represent the first step towards addictive behavior. Conversely, other clients are surprised to learn they have developed some type of mental health issue as a result of long-term substance abuse. Whatever the case, we believe treating all concerns improves the chance of long-lasting addiction recovery.


Upon leaving our drug rehab facility, many of our clients are faced with new situations that can cause anxiety about assimilating back to their former lives. This is an especially vulnerable time for relapse, which is why our staff are committed to matching clients with aftercare treatment that will help them continue their journey to a life free of controlled substances. Starting with sober living housing, we urge our clients to take part in as many aftercare treatment options as possible. In sober living facilities, individuals adhere to routines and participate in chores, similar to their time at our addiction recovery center. They are also surrounded by other individuals who are working hard to resist the urge to relapse. We also recommend that our clients continue individual therapy with a trusted therapist in their hometown as they face new challenges on their road to recovery. Attending support group meetings can also be a helpful way to maintain a supportive community, and the meetings are often conducted in a way that mimics group therapy sessions at our addiction treatment center.


No matter how long addiction has controlled a person’s life, the helpful staff at our addiction recovery facility in Vancouver, Washington can intervene to help end the cycle. Our staff are committed to creating a unique treatment plan for each individual client as we guide them along their journey through recovery.