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Rehab is always a challenge. Finding the right substance abuse treatment facility with the approach for your needs takes time, and the process of rehabilitation and recovery is a lifelong battle. Effective drug rehab centers will provide you with the tools and foundation you need to regain your life and take control. In this post, we will talk about what the drug rehab facility experience is like and why our addiction recovery program is a good choice for you.


When you first make the decision to go to rehab, the immediate concern is the detox process. Detox varies greatly depending on the drug, the amount of use, and the length of use, as well as other health factors. Some drugs have particularly dangerous detox periods. We always provide supervised detox for safety and oversight during this difficult time.


Entering rehab means entering a course of therapy and support. Just about everyone who enters rehab gets an interview with a therapist, counselor, or some other mental health professional who diagnoses them with an alcohol or substance use disorder. But the truth is that most clients who suffer from addiction also have other mental health concerns, whether that be depression, anxiety, or something else. Our addiction recovery facility in Clarksburg, West Virginia understands this and is always ready to make a second diagnosis to identify how our clients are struggling so we can help them succeed.


Within our Clarksburg addiction treatment center, we believe that some of the best support that our clients can get is each other. Whether it is a formal support group or organic relationships, clients can share their experiences, talk about strategies for coping, and help each other through difficult times. This is a different channel of support that can be crucial in cases where clients don’t have other sources of support such as friends and family.


Success in therapy and in rehab in general depends on being open and honest. There is no getting around the fact that transparency leads to progress and growth. Of course, it is not easy to build up trust and we do not expect this to happen immediately. But transparency, especially when it comes to current and past drug use or the triggers associated with that use, is the first step on the way to building a toolkit for overcoming your recovering from your addiction.


When you come into our Clarksburg addiction treatment facility, we will work with you collaboratively to create a personalized care plan. It could include individual or group therapy and other activities. Mentoring, peer support, and developing supportive relationships will enable you to stay focused on your goals. Regular check-ins keep everyone on the same page and up to date on goals, strategies, and feelings.


The process of rehab starts with detox. After you get through detox, the next steps are therapy and skills-building. All of this leads up to the exit from rehab, which leads to after-care. That means connecting you with resources to help you succeed like housing and job training, or placing you in an outpatient recovery program. Our addiction recovery center in Clarksburg, West Virginia is invested in your success. That means we want to prepare you for life after you leave us with as many tools, skills, and resources as possible.


Entering a drug detox clinic is a brave decision and the first step on your road to addiction recovery. Tanner Recovery believes that we have the culture and the preparation to empower you to succeed. If you or someone you know has a problem with addiction, please seek our help by calling us today.